The SCOTUS Decision on Roe Means Funders Must Show Up Boldly

Foundation for a Just Society is doubling down on our commitment to support movement groups taking an intersectional approach to reproductive justice focused on promoting the bodily autonomy of women, girls, and LGBTQI people.


We Must Trust Young Feminists

Young feminists are leading systemic change through radical, creative, intersectional approaches while honoring ancestral knowledge and centering people and the planet - they deserve our trust. What would the world look like if we trusted the power and vision of young feminists?


It’s Time for Funders to Debrahminize Philanthropy

Brahmanism and the caste system exist globally wherever South Asian communities reside. Therefore the task of debrahminization and dismantling caste supremacy must be taken up globally by all those stepping up to decolonize and become more racially just.


Our Commitment in Progress

In this time of renewed and vibrant resistance, we see the urgent need to move resources to support and sustain the long-standing work of our grantee partners to advance justice and liberation.


Why We Must Overhaul the Funding of Social Movements

To adequately respond to the ongoing crisis of democracy, we must support care and protection strategies for activists.

A Time to Celebrate and to Recommit

Across the country, a Black-led, multiracial feminist coalition of grassroots organizations mobilized votes to protect democracy, to uphold fairness and equity, and to create more avenues to turn this society toward justice, healing, and liberation. We are in awe of our grantee partners in the US Southeast and beyond who played leading roles in this historic shift, and those who are paving the way for a growing progressive majority in their states.