What We've Learned, Where We're Going

The learning journey we have traveled this year produced a roadmap that will guide the foundation’s work to deepen, expand, and diversify our investments in movements that advance the rights of women, girls, and LGBTQI people. And we are happy to share some exciting news about our strategic directions over the next five years.


A Unique Vantage Point

In August, Maitri Morarji will join Foundation for a Just Society as the director of programs, a newly created position that will shape and strengthen our programmatic and philanthropic advocacy strategies. We spoke to Maitri about her approach to moving more and better resources to the women, girls, and LGBTQI people who catalyze change in their communities and countries.


Time For Philanthropy To Be Brave

"If philanthropy takes an approach that is only about surviving this moment, then we are not doing enough. This is a moment where movements are ready for bolder risks and bigger investments. It is a moment for philanthropy to be brave."


We Exist: Mapping LGBTQ Organizing In West Africa

We are excited to announce the launch of We Exist: Mapping LGBTQ...


Click. Scroll. Explore.

Since 2011, we’ve worked to achieve a simple yet ambitious vision: a...


The Pioneer

“For Africans, community isn’t just your neighborhood; it’s also your chosen family,...